Life Beyond Inc/Home of Hope

Lucinda Terrell (619) 454-2593


                            Supportive Living:


                                A place to call home


                              Hope for the future


                              You are not alone...

All residents are involved and responsible for their individual program of recovery. Residents are active during the day with employment, program activities, or busy looking for work. Some are enrolled full-time in educational or occupational training programs. Many also do volunteer work in their free time.


Life Beyond Inc/Home of Hope is here for people who want this, not for those who need this. We work closely with the court systems, child and family services, probation, parole, hospitals, and recovery centers. Residents provide and prepare their own food, for which fully equipped kitchens are provided.


House rules are designed to maintain a focus on recovery, personal responsibility, honesty, and an atmosphere of mutual respect.


We are there when you need us...

            and Grateful to be of service.        

Lucinda's Vision

"Give Back - as freely as it was given to me."


Lucinda Terrell, the founder and director of Life Beyond Inc/Home of Hope, has wholeheartedly devoted her life to helping others get back on track with life and becoming productive members of society.


As part of her vision Lucinda recognized a need for homes that accepted individuals who have alcohol and drug addictions, have dual diagnoses, been incarcerated, and  who are recovering mothers with  children.


Lucinda is an Honors Graduate, certified as a drug and alcohol specialist and opened her first home in San Diego in the year 2000. 


We promote change; That of mind, body, and spirit.